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[IP] lows and pregnancy

I just had a baby in October so I understand what you
are going through.  My insulin requirements did the
same thing the first few months.  I was pumping an
average of about 80 units (basil and bolus) prior to
pregnancy.  It dropped to about 20 TOTAL units until
about the 23 week or so.  Then they increased slightly
and by the end of the pregnancy my total daily
requirements were about 110 total units.  Not much
higher then 80 but a big increase from 20.  I had NO
morning sickness though so I am not sure if that could
have something else to do with it.  Hope this helps,
just wanted to let you know that the same thing
happened to me so I guess it is normal. You can email
me privately if you have any other questions.


Sheri wrote:

Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2002 14:36:38 -0800 
From: Sheri Byrne <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Insulin requirements and pregnancy

I'm 19 weeks pregnant.  Prior to getting pregnant, my
basals and 
were reasonably stable.  Over the past month, they've
been dropping 
like a
rock.  My basals are down 50 % across the board, and
my bolus ratios 
are up
between 30 and 50 %.  Since I expected that my insulin
would go
up, not down, I am really scratching my head here.  I
have had some 
major morning sickness problems, could that factor
into this?  I was
diagnosed "Type 1 1/2" about 7 months ago.  Low, but
not zero 
with some insulin resistance.  I think someone on this
list refers to 
as "Type Weird" :-), and sometimes, it sure feels that
way !

On another note, my first post-pump HgA1c came in at
5.3, down from 
9.6.  So
I am very happy to be pumping



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