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[IP] Gastroparesis and avoiding that constant nauseated feeling - tips?

Well, I just had a cup of decaf coffee, of all things, and I feel a little 
better, but I have been having that unpleasant low-grade nauseated feeling 
all day, and wondered if others had good techniques to avoid it.  I hadn't 
had it in a long time, though a few years ago, it was a close to constant 
problem.  Anyone else bothered by it?  The last couple days I have done 
really well on the blood sugars by square waving all my boluses after having 
a couple of hypo episodes the day before after meals, but now the nausea, 
anyway :-(.  Someone just recently mentioned ice water with meals, and I had 
forgotten that but know I have found it helpful in the past.  I have been 
trying after-meal movements of various sorts like those mentioned in Diabetes 
Solution.  Do any of you find gum chewing helpful?  (It's not something I 
ever liked, and 55 seems an odd age to start it, and it would bother my 
husband, but if someone says it works....<gr.>)  I am eating very, very low 
fat, relatively unprocessed foods, which seems to usually be useful for me in 
these situations.

The decaf coffee, incidentally, was because coffee was the thing that helped 
me through morning sickness with pregnancies (many years before coffee became 
discouraged for pregnant women).  A real YMMV -- medical people keep telling 
me coffee causes nausea.  And, for that and other reasons, I hardly ever 
drink it, but the green tea I usually find appealing has been unpalatable 

Linda Z
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