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[IP] Diabetic Related Fears

  I belonged to this group a few years back, and just recently got connected
again.  Information from this group can sometimes be invaluable.  So I am
coming to you guys this time, asking for personal opinions or cases that may
be similar with mine.  I have been a Type 1 Diabetic for 22 years, and am now
28.  From the time I was legally old enough to be on my own I have had a
terror of living alone.  I think part of it is instilled from my mother always
being over protective of me, but also feel that it is a very valid fear for
someone with this disease to have.  I have had several run ins in the past
with people who just couldn't grasp where I was coming from.  For example my X
Husband, and now my current boyfriend, both of whom are military.  Thier jobs
take them far away sometimes, and I swear I will be fine with the idea, until
5 minuted before the actual departure, and then I panic.  Maybe I depend on
other people to much to keep me in the corner of thier eye at all times.
Maybe I should see a shrink.  Maybe its not normal.  Please let me know what
you think on this topic, I could use some imput.
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