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Re: [IP] problems with lows

In a message dated 2/4/2002 6:11:57 PM Pacific Standard Time, email @ redacted 

> Marion,
>   Just think, on the pump that can be done all automatically.  IT will 
> remember to do the dual wave bolus or split bolus however you tell it to do 
> it!
> Sylvia

Yep, I was just reading the posted material on the pumpers list main site 
about protein digestion and bolusing.  Interesting; first time I have read 
anywhere (except Bernstein), that you dose for protein at .6 times the grams 
of protein.  We have been dosing protein like that for a while.  Also, they 
state that a "smaller body size" is probably related to difficulty digesting 
protein; Gabe is small for his age, so maybe that is why he has trouble with 
protein meals.

It happens that Gabe takes his evening Ultralente about 1.5 hours after 
dinner so that it makes it easy to give the other split of the dose with the 
Ultralente.  If I had to give an extra injection....well, he wouldn't be 
happy about that.


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