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Re: [IP] Glycemic index,fiber,gastroparesis

In a message dated 2/4/2002 3:26:26 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> I am wondering if anyone else  has similar points for those  of us with 
> this slowed digestion -I would so love to see more levelling-out in my 
> meter download 

Dr. Bernstein has an excellent chapter on gastroparesis which you may want to 
read, even if you don't agree with his low carb diet.

He treated Gabe for a while.  He told us to use papaya enzyme, and also 
HCL/pepsin which apparently helps in digesting protein.

Currently we limit protein at dinner because it causes Gabe to hypo and then 
rise; generally meat, chicken, fish and other protein will digest only after 
5-7 hours.

Bernstein also describes several exercises that aid in stomach emptying.  Of 
course, there are prescription medications for this as well.

The pump is very attractive to us because it will allow Gabe to eat protein 
at dinner and then use an extended bolus.  Right now, I give a split dose but 
that is sometimes even too fast for protein digestion.

Last night he was hypo for 5 hours (even with correction) after dinner; he 
had been very active, but more importantly he ate hot dog/chicken and fish, 
which he rarely does at dinner.  He was 79 at bedtime with multiple 
corrections with glucose.  That was 10 p.m.   By 12 a.m. he was 219 and I 
gave 2.5 H (1 unit lowers 45 when he is that high).  At 3 a.m. he was still 
208 and so I gave another 1.5 H and he was down to 136 by morning.

Jumping, sit-ups and other vigorous activity about an hour after dinner 
really helps Gabe's digestion.  Also, of course, smaller meals are easily to 
digest.  I find that 75 grams glucose and no protein is the best dinner combo 
for normal sugars.

not an M.D.
for Gabe only
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