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[IP] Eye surgery

	Terri-in answer to your questions-
I have had laser for about 8 years,several thousand "zaps"-and I 
have  found that the more recent lasers are VERY patient-friendly,altho I 
get some twinges.The flashes are somewhat "bedazzling", so I just take an 
Extra-Strength Tyelenol shortly beforehand.  I don't drive that 
day  because the combination of the laser and the pupil dilation certainly 
causes lack of acuity 'til the next day,usually. My specialists have 
explained that certain areas can be touchier to treat,but on the overall,it 
is a procedure I don't lose any sleep over.
I have also had open surgery,a vitrectomy, last year,and it was a great 
benefit to my sight. Because of these wonderful treatment options,I have 
managed to maintain 20/20 or 20/25, I think, even after 8 years. Last year 
I got so excited with the success of my vitrectomy,that I joined a Book 
Club,and took up quilting !
My contrast vision has gradually decreased, so I am not so great after 
dark,and need a good light for fine work,but it's a inconvenience which I 
can handle!
I hope things go well for you,Terri :):)

IDDM x 25 yrs.,pumping x 5 yrs.
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