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[IP] Glycemic index,fiber,gastroparesis

	As I read the recent thread on GI  it raises some interesting points to me. -
For years I have had "fun"trying to predict,with my gastroparesis,how to 
accommodate certain foods or meals,and when to expect them to be reflected 
in my glucose levels. I have somewhat learned what to expect,until I try a 
new food,or larger meal,or more fat,so there is a lot of guess work and 
disappointment when readings are poor.

Although my husband and I were never able to get used to bean and 
lentil-type dishes, we do attempt to eat verylow-fat and high fiber meals.
Recently I have paid a LOT more attention to the fiber content of carb 
foods,and ,as I read, ?maybe in PUMPING INSULIN ?,if there are more than 4 
gr. fiber per serving,I subtract that from the total carb. I have found 
this helpful both in accurate bolussing,and in predicting that the 
high-fiber meals will move through my system and be absorbed faster , AS 
LONG AS MY PORTIONS ARE MODEST. However,if I eat a lot of this higher-fiber 
carb,then chances are,the bolussing calculation is altered.Instead of just 
increasing the size of the bolus for the higher number of carbs,I have to 
spread out that insulin.I'm still on a 506,so I bolus again after an 
hour,or set a temp basal rate for a few hours. I'm not sure why,but it 
seems to work most times.

Also,about 4 mo. ago, I started a weight loss group,non-diabetic,to lose 
this several pounds that have crept on over the past 15 years,and it is 
working well! One of the basic points of this program is eight glasses of 
cold water a day,which I have heard many times,but NOW I have stepped up my 
water at meals and that has helped my digestion-I should have realized that 
long ago! But the interesting thing to me is that they stress that fruits 
ie citrus and lighter carb types,be the only types of between meal snacks, 
and that we have a citrus -type fruit15-20 min before breakfast,along with 
a glass of cold water. Their theory is that the fruit will speed up the 
digestive process and be somewhat absorbed before the full meal comes 
along,etc. But the benefit I have found is that MAYBE,just MAYBE, it 
is  giving me a much more even glucose curve around my meals and after!

I am wondering if anyone else  has similar points for those  of us with 
this slowed digestion -I would so love to see more levelling-out in my 
meter download graphs!
Thanks a bunch -Barb
IDDM X25 yrs.,pumpingx5 yrs
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