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RE: [IP] Insulin requirements and pregnancy

I was Type 1 1/2 at the beginning too.  That was 16 yrs. ago.  I just
caught my D in the earlier stages.  My dx was not a dramatic ER visit in
DKA.  I just felt really bad and had a friend who was hypoglycemic and
said I should go.  Anyway, I was in a "honeymoon" phase they
said--started out taking 12 NPH a day in one shot.  My pancreas was just
in the early phases of puttering out.  Now my C-Peptide is 0.  My
"honeymoon" only lasted about 18 months.  I was on orals for 12 mos,and
insulin(1 shot a day)for 6 months.

Not to make you depressed, but I would be surprised if you remain a 1
1/2 for very long.  Just to prepare you for the future.  YMMV.

I was preg. 3 X (twins and 2 singles).  Your insulin needs will
skyrocket because of the growing placenta.  The bigger it gets, the more
enzymes it produces to counteract your insulin doses.  I topped out at
165 units a day, starting before breakfast with a 65 unit shot.  It was
not easy, but you get great rewards.

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