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re:[IP] problems with lows

> I just reduced my basals and did fasting check on them and I am
> holding my own...it's just when I eat that this happens....what to
> do, what to do, what to do????  Seems I'm still going lower even
> after 5 hrs after I bolus...grrrr...still trying to play w/#'s to
> see where I can hold even w/o spiking. Kathy B.
> Kathy,
> I have figured out that if you test your basals, and hold steady,
> then you can't worry about post meal spikes, you can only worry
> about being back to normal after the bolus wears off.  If you are
> going low, you must be taking too much bolus. I think you are on
> Novolog - you might want to go back to Humalog, if the Novolog is
> lasting too long in your system.  I know it's a YMMV thing, but the
> comparison between the two in Diabetes Forecast said that Novolog
> lasts longer than Humalog.
> Linda

hmmm.... if your basals are ok, but you tend to go low a long time 
after eating -- and this is consistent, it's a good bet that your 
ratio is too low. If you look at your carb intake and bolus data, 
then look at the low correction carbs, you can figure out how many 
extra units you have been taking and adjust the ratio upwards. Your 
CDE should be able to help you with this. Basically you can add up 
all the carbs and it should equal the insulin at the new ratio. You 
should probably exclude any really wild readings and by all means 
consult with your med team before venturing off on your own 

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