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re:[IP] problems with lows

I just reduced my basals and did fasting check on them and I am holding my
own...it's just when I eat that this happens....what to do, what to do, what
to do????  Seems I'm still going lower even after 5 hrs after I
bolus...grrrr...still trying to play w/#'s to see where I can hold even w/o
Kathy B.

I have figured out that if you test your basals, and hold steady, then you can't worry about post
meal spikes, you can only worry about being back to normal after the bolus wears off.  If you are
going low, you must be taking too much bolus.
I think you are on Novolog - you might want to go back to Humalog, if the Novolog is lasting too
long in your system.  I know it's a YMMV thing, but the comparison between the two in Diabetes
Forecast said that Novolog lasts longer than Humalog.


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