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[IP] The social life of a 12.5 year old

Well, I am not sure what your kids life style is.  Gabe goes to a private 
school; he is almost always home at breakfast, lunch and dinner.  If he stays 
late for something, he simply eats later.  He snacks if he wants to at that 
point; either a small snack with no insulin and/or a larger snack with 
insulin.  He is driven too and from school because it is too far to walk.  He 
doesn't "hang-out" in the sense of staying around for hours and hours with 
other kids; he comes home, does homework, eats and then goes back out and etc.

If the kids are going out, he generally gets his meal in before he goes 
because he likes home food.  If he is eating with friends, we guestimate the 
insulin and worry about correcting later.

Do all your 12.5 year old kids have social lives away from home?  I have five 
kids; 22, 19, 14, 12.5 and 9.  The younger ones  are home for meals most of 
the time or take packed meals for activities. Even the 14 year old tends to 
eat at home.

Maybe when Gabe hits high school, it will be different.  But we do like our 
kids to come home from school first, before going off with friends.  It is a 
way we have found for keeping boundaries and a little tighter supervision.  
It works for us.

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