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Re: [IP] Re: diligent diets

I honestly am struggling to see how a pump will help my son.  His HBA1Cs have 

been 6, 6.2, 5.9 and recently 5.8.  He eats anything he wants at meals (and I 

mean anything) on the condition that I weigh it, account for its glycemic 
index and dose it.

Marion, Just wondering how your son feels (being almost a teenager!) about 
having his mom weigh his food every meal? That's got to be tough when he 
wants to be a normal kid and hangout or go out and eat w/ the gang. These 
times are about to get more and more frequent and I know my diabetic son 
feels different enough just being diabetic w/out mom constantly wanting to 
take care of him! With a pump, he can be just as normal as his friends and do 
the things they do w/out you there to weigh his food or control his diet. I 
think everybody on this lists will agree that it's hard enough on our 
diabetic children living w/ this disease without adding more pressure. You 
are very lucky that his a1c"s have been so good w/out the pump, I know 
pre-pump days around here were filled w/ a lot of Lows that we don't fight 
very often anymore and nights aren't as scary w/lows either. As far as 
convincing you to allow your son to pump, I think other diabetic kids his age 
could do that in about a 10 minute conversation. I know that's how we ended 
up pumping. Jake met a pumper at church camp and after watching her eat and 
interact w/ her friends he begged for  a pump! She was very athletic and the 
pump did not slow her down any. In fact, she felt better than he did all week 
(not up and down bg's w/ all the different activities going on). But most of 
all, he had Mom(me) there to help him take care of his shots, food, and 
activities and she was there as a normal kid w/ Independence from her mom for 
a week and she and her pump was taking care of herself! That was the Biggie 
that convinced him who then convinced me to let him pump! 
Hope this helps! Trena (mom to Jake 11)
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