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[IP] Re: eye surgery

Hello! I just had my first treatment about ten days ago- I can now see 
perfectly however- I sure was not able to after the tratement- in fact it has 
taken quite a while for my eye to adjust back to normal.  I had the eye 
numbed with an injection- so that also may have contributed to why my 
recovery was so long. I wore a patch over the eye for several days after the 
procedure.  But I did see double vision for  a while- the excellent news iis 
it was not permanent! Your vision should return to normal! I have no loss of 
peripheral vision, although I do now have more light sensitivity. I was 
diagnosed with proliferative retinopathy and the doc did 515 little laser 
blasts. I go back Feb 20 for update than will schedule suregry for left eye 
down the road. Best of luck! 
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