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Re: [IP] Re: Natalie and the big piece of cake

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>Natalie -

You talkin' ta ME?????  :)  (I think I'm the only Natalie and I DID eat a
big piece of cake!)

>Do you mean that you bolused NOTHING at the time you actually ate the cake
>with lots of buttery icing? You say you were 160 two hours afterwards
>(which I find incredible) ,at which time you did bolus 2 units.  So what
>was the total amount you bolused just for the cake?

No, I bolused for the meal I had before the cake -- I had chicken and rice
(maybe about 2 cups of rice), and bolused 6 units. When I had the cake, I
KNEW it wouldn't take effect immediately, so, yes, I didn't bolus WHEN I ate
it but did bolus 2 hours later -- because I knew it would cover the delayed
effect. I should have bolused more at THAT time, or set a temporary basal,
because of all the fat.

I can OFTEN get a nice PP number (which I define as under 200) 2 hours after
a high-fat/protein meal, but the other side of the coin is that it's hard to
get back down to fasting levels again. With a low-fat, high CARB meal, I
often go up to around 250, BUT it comes back down quickly. And actually, I
don't know which is the worse of 2 evils (or conversely, which the better of
2 blessings??), higher for a shorter period of time or lower for a longer
period of time.

>I am avoiding these foods because I simply don't know how to handle
>bolusing for them.

Well, it takes a lot of self-study and a lot of errors -- each person is
different, and NOBODY is quite like me -- ya always gotta remember I'm Type
Weird, not Type 1 -- I'm not insulin-resistant, BUT I still have some beta
cell function helping out. Although it's getting less and less -- I used to
call myself Type 1.732, and now it's down to about 1.414. (Math-lovers, I
just couldn't resist the joke)

All I can suggest is to try a small serving, and test frequently (maybe
every hour) and repeat the experiment several times on different days to see
what YOUR BGs do. Once you have a pattern, you can start tweaking the bolus
and/or temp. basal to fit. A CDE might be able to help you, if s/he is
familiar with pumps.

Good luck!

Natalie ._c-
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