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[IP] re: concern with 12.5 year old pumping

I've read through your comments & some of the responses to them
about your concern with putting your 12.5 year old son Gabe on
an insulin pump.   Our 7 yr. old Luke has been pumping for 11 
months now - started on March 5, 2001.  The first 2 months were
not easy.  In some ways it was like Luke being diagnosed all over
again - we had new things to learn with Humalog and infusion sites
and getting sites to stick....and things to unlearn, like it's 
actually okay to give a correction bolus at bedtime if the basal
rate is set correctly - he doesn't have to go low at night.

>From the beginning though, Luke has LOVED the freedom of flexibility
that the pump gives him.  It is more difficult to learn (IMHO) than
MDI, and it can be VERY frustrating.  When we've done 3 site changes
in half a day or so, we've wanted to throw the pump against the wall.
But Luke always wants to give it another chance.  And the Insulin-Pumpers.org
list is a tremendous place to get great advice.

The pump means that he can eat when he wants to, the amount that he
wants to, and it also means that he doesn't have to eat.  We still
don't allow regular soda (way way too hard to bolus for) and we
limit donuts & other bg nightmares.  Luke has slimmed down on the
pump because he doesn't have to eat as much as the NPH needed.  And
most of the time his bg is closer to range, and if it's not, we can
get it in range faster - so he feels better most of the time.  

By the way, your concern over pump alarming - that is truly a rare 
thing.  We don't usually go anyplace until we know Luke's pump site
is working, so we've avoided having any public issues.  At school
it's alarmed one time for not delivering, and 2-3 times for low
insulin.  All the rest happen at home.   Can't think of any alarms
occurring at a friend's house.

Get armed with more information.  Check out or buy "Pumping Insulin"
by John Walsh & Ruth Roberts.  Ask this list lots of questions.  And
let Gabe get educated so that he can decide.  He would have to live
with it.  But our 7 year old says it's worth it.

Good luck!
Shelly V., Austin, TX, mom to Luke, 7, dx'd 10/99, pumping 3/01

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