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Re: [IP] ice storm - OT

> OOOhhhh Jan, how did you manage to stay warm w/o heat in an ice storm?????
> Nasty!  Glad I'm living down south now!  Welll, that's why we moved down
> here to get away from all that nasty weather.
> Kathy b.

We live near South Bend and were in Toledo, OH (there's also a little Toledo
in Illinois) on Wednesday. Woke up there Thurs a.m. and hugsy had to chop
his way into the minivan. He got a job with his immediately-former boss
(trucking co.) in sales (want a coil of steel delivered??) and given the
keys to a 2000 Jeep Cherokee. We called home when we got in our home area
and the ans. mach. did not come on. No power. It was 59 degrees in the house
when we arrived. Loaded up with extra clothes and went to bed. I keep 5-6
gallon jugs of water in the basement for emergency toilet flushing. Good!
House pretty cold Fri. a.m. - we went to a motel to stay the night. Called
hugsy's sis in Battle Creek, MI and they just had 10" of snow - no ice, but
sunny. Sat. we went there to stay the night. Got there (95 mi) and called
home and ans. mach. came on. Power! - 60 hours off. Turned around and came
back home after dinner.

I was so glad this was toward the end of the week and the weekend. Dunno
what I would have done by myself. We have ice cream that melted out of the
carton and I'm afraid to check the meat - it was thawed and now refrozen.
:(  I'm sure the Humalog (3 vials)and Procrit ($9,750.00 worth) are all
right. YMMV (~_^)

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