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RE: [IP] Re: pump bandwagon (was diligent diets and glycemic index)

One thing that I noticed immediately after going on the pump(2 days) was
how much better I felt.  D is very insidious.  It is insidious in that
you don't catch many symptoms because many are gradual.(I realize that
some people have dramatic diagnoses, but mine was slow.)Its effect on
the way it makes you feel is also insidious.  You don't know how bad you
feel until you feel better.  Acquaintances and colleagues noticed within
a week how good I was feeling.  Your son may get good control now, but
there is something to be said for an overall feeling of well-being. My
A1C at the time I started pumping was 7.2, down from 13 when I started
Lantus and Humalog.  I felt pretty good at 7.2.  I just didn't know how
much better I would feel.  The pump allows that with its continuous

Also, I can't imagine the pump being a "license to eat".  I still don't
do well with pizza, Mexican food, etc.  I know that if I eat these
things, I will pay.  So I usually avoid them unless I am having an
"attack" for these foods.  Your son may experiment with eating what he
pleases, but a couple of 400s and he will behave himself.

One other perk of the pump is the omission of shots.  It is so much
easier to push buttons at a table in a restaurant(he will be doing a lot
of that pretty soon as a teenager)and is much less obvious.

While a pump is not a perfect thing, it is a great tool for helping
If your son has the commitment to do it, he should go for it.

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