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[IP] re: problems with lows

From: "Kathy Bruckmeyer" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Problems w/Lows

Hi all:
Well, for the past three days I have been suffering with terrible lows and
eating lots of glucose tablets>>

Hi Cathy,
I had this same kind of thing happen to me last fall, was just more active 
than i had been i guess, it was hard to figure out what was going on.
My endo caught me during a low at a diabetes health care fair i was at and 
she spoke at.  It was funny, she followed me around and found me food and 
kept with me til i was ok.  She was so concerned about me she told me to turn 
off the pump til after i drove home to make sure another low didn't happen 
while i was driving!  I told her at the time that i needed to do something 
drastic, i couldn't live like this!!  I was having lows constantly and 
running at 60-70% and still having the lows!
So with her approval I dropped my basals from 28.9 units for the day to 19.9 
and tried working up from there!  I just didn't want any more lows.  I had 
too many highs there but worked myself up to 25.5 units a day and that is 
working well for me.
My life was lows over and over no matter what i did, even running 60% as i 
said and some days at 50%, very frustrating.
I know most recommend only changing .1 a day but I was so desperate to stop 
the lows i took desperate measures and it worked for me.  
It almost seems like i had more adrenaline pumping for whatever odd reasons 
last fall and that made my blood sugar drop too.
Talk to your endo if you want to but it really is in your hands to stop these 
crazy lows!!
I wish you well in your getting it straightened out!
You sure sound like my life and blood sugar last fall!!

Faith and Sweetie Pie my sweet blue dtron
diabetic 20 years and happy to be here
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