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[IP] Re: pump bandwagon (was diligent diets and glycemic index)

In a message dated 2/3/02 8:34:58 AM, email @ redacted writes:

<< I simply need to 
convince myself; he is going to give it a trial one way or another, but I am 
not on the bandwagon yet.  I have heard that the pump gives people a "license 
to eat".  Gabe is only 12.5; no license yet.

That's all....still can't figure it out. >>

The hardest thing I found about deciding to go on the pump is not being able 
to "figure it out" before you dive in. Getting Gabe on a trial is a good 
thing. That will help. But I don't think it will be a full picture. It could 
take some time to get dosing set on the pump so that his control is as good 
as it is now. But that's a very temporary thing. I can relate to your dilemma 
a little bit. I will have had Type I diabetes for 10 years this year. I was 
diagnosed in my third year of college and for the first five years, I was 
much like your son. Excellent control all the time. Then it got harder. But 
even then my worst A1c was 7.6. My pre-pump A1c was 6.2 and most of the time 
I've been around 6, sometimes a little under. Even though the pump takes a 
lot of testing and work, I think what the pump might offer you and your son 
is a little less work then what you're doing now. It's clear you are very 
committed. But your son has to live a long time with diabetes and may not 
always be able to keep up the level of energy it takes. When I was diagnosed, 
my doctors and the rest of my team were amazed at my commitment, energy and 
control. And even I couldn't keep that up when "life" got in the way as the 
years wore on. Stressful jobs with late or crazy hours and money problems, 
etc. Even with my average A1c of around 6, I had a lab test showing an 
elevated microalbumin count (sign of mild kidney disease). That scared me and 
I thought I must need to do even better. Also, I plan to have children in the 
next couple of years.
I think pump vs. MDI for someone like your son with excellent control is a 
lifestyle choice. My point is that he will soon be living that lifestyle on 
his own without you and will be doing that for a long time (until a cure of 
course). The pump could help him. My doctor also pointed out that the pump 
will essentially put me on course for the new technology as it comes along 
(i.e. glucose sensors, closed loop system) by getting me "used to" the 
advances gradually.
Hope this helps. Good luck with the trial.
dxed IDDM 9/92, pumped 1/10/02
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