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Re: [IP] Problems w/Lows

On 3 Feb 2002 at 15:07, jhughey wrote:

> > I have a question...it seems since I took the piece off of my 507C to be
> > able to hold more insulin in the reservoir, my lows have been more often.
> > Everything is in place and I'm not losing insulin by it pushing through
> but I can't figure this out.
> > Has anyone else had problems after removing that extra little piece of
> > plastic on a Minimed 507C like this???
> > Kathy B.
> Kathy,
> My *take* on this might be that you are now using a section of the lead
> screw and it may have more lubricant on it that the other part you have been
> consitently using. Therefore, the basals might be infusing just a tad
> easier/faster. Really dunno, but that's a thought. (~_^)
> Jan - who's glad to be back with power after 60 hrs. off with that there ice
> storm. 20,000 homes still w/o - out of 115,000 originally since Thursday a.m.

But a tenth of a unit is still a tenth of a unit.  My thought is that her basal needs have just changed and that they need to be reduced.

More power to you, Jan!   Or at least to that 20M without power.  :>)
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