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Re: [IP] Re: Marion, Gabe, pumping

In a message dated 2/3/2002 10:36:38 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> You say you do all the weighing, measuring, calculating, etc., of his
> food...out of curiosity, how much does Gabe know and how much of it does/can
> he do for himself?
> What does he do when he's out with friends?
> We remember Michael's post about Lily's essay of how pumping changed 

He can do the whole nine yards; when out with friends, we discuss what he 
will probably eat and he injects; I send a preloaded syringe in a medi-cool 
case (looks like a travel toothbrush holder) or I send insulin and a vial.  I 
don't worry about those events because I really don't care if he comes home 
high as long as he doesn't go low.  I have told him that he can just do his 
best and if there is not enough insulin to cover the food, it is not the end 
of the world and is easily corrected when he gets home.

Generally, he has a pretty stable routine of breakfast at home, mom packs 
lunch, dinner at home and then going out if there is an activity.  He tends 
not to snack at events.  Frankly, there are numbers of times when I told him 
to eat whatever he wants with his friends at parties and take an approximate 
dose and he comes home saying he prefers the meals I make and waited to eat.

He understands everything about his care and dosing, but does about 60% of 
his care because he is generally behaving like a 12.5 year old boy and 
doesn't want to be bothered to do much more...but he does know how.

Thanks for your comments.

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