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Re: [IP] Re: diligent diets (was glycemic index)

Thanks; I did just that; I have an appointment with the CDE and pump trainer 
(she is very experienced; has 350 kids on the pump) next week without Gabe; 
that way I can express all my fears and anxieties without influencing him.

I asked him this morning about whether the injections really bug him.  He 
said, "Nope".  But, he is a very sweet, amenable little guy and the doctor's 
enthusiasm really was catching and maybe for good reason.  But if the doctor 
had said, 
"you know Gabe, you really don't need a pump,", he would have believed that 

I can't see a reason not to try it.

Gabe is out paintballing today...do you think a pump would be okay if it got 
hit by a paintball?

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