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[IP] Re: Marion, Gabe, pumping

Marion wrote (parts from 2 different messages):
"....He eats anything he wants at meals (and I mean anything) on the
condition that I weigh it, account for its glycemic index and dose it....I
have heard that the pump gives people a "license to eat".  Gabe is only
12.5; no license yet."
"Well, in all fairness to Gabe, I am going to give it my very, very best
It was the doctor who pushed it; we saw a new endo; I asked one question
about Ultralente and he immediately went to the "pump".  I guess it was
to be.
Gabe hadn't mentioned anything, although he knows about the pump.  I guess
he were taking a lot of extra correction shots, that would be different.
Thanks for your input, though.  I feel I have no choice but to go ahead with
a trial..."

The issue of the "licence to eat" may become a concern as Gabe gets more
At 12.5 years old, it seems to me that Gabe must have some opinion as to
what he wants to do to control his diabetes.  What does he think now about
using a pump?  In the profile, you wrote, "My son is excited and rather
curious although not demanding the pump".    Does he know anyone who does
pump?  Has he gone online to check out the pump manufacturers sites or read
anything from the sites where messages relate to kids his age?  Does he have
any questions about using a pump?  Has a trial of pumping using saline been
given any thought?
Also, I think that the years of puberty will place a whole new outlook on
keeping "good " control.
Ultimately, I think it should be Gabe's decision as to whether or not to try
pumping, and when.
You say you do all the weighing, measuring, calculating, etc., of his
food...out of curiosity, how much does Gabe know and how much of it does/can
he do for himself?
What does he do when he's out with friends?
We remember Michael's post about Lily's essay of how pumping changed her
life, and of how the feelings she expressed in the essay were never before
shared with parents.
Ok, parents of pumping kids, what's your input?
Marj; Mike(I'm not into computers, but glad to be on this list); and "Ace,
the PP" (portable pancreas)
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