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Re: [IP] Re: diligent diets (was glycemic index)

In a message dated 2/3/2002 9:13:24 AM Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> WHEN YOU USE ULTRALENTE, you do not have to eat at any given time, nor do 
>  have to snack; you can skip meals, delay meals and etc.

Marion, I know you have said many times about this being true for Gabe, but 
this is not necessarily true for everyone who has been on UL + H . . . But 
still it's clear that the flexibility that the pump gives to many may not be 
a benefit that you/Gabe will derive from switching from your current MDI 
regimen . . .

And if you still haven't figured out why the doctor is so gung ho about 
putting Gabe on the pump when neither you nor Gabe asked about it (and with a 
5.8 A1c  and no problems with lots of lows, clearly better control, fewer 
lows, or more flexibility are not the reasons behind the recommendation), why 
don't you just ask the doctor about it.  If you're concerned about putting a 
damper on Gabe's enthusiasm, there's no reason you couldn't arrange a 
telephone consult that is just between you and the doctor.  

Since you said that Gabe seems very interested in trying pumping, it would be 
best if you could be an enthusiastic supporter of the idea instead of just 
going along with things.  Maybe if you understood why the doctor was 
encouraging you to try pumping at this time, you'd have an easier time being 
more positive this very big change . . . and for Gabe to hae the best chance 
at being a successful pumper, your support and encouragement will be very 

Pumpmama to Katie (11, dx @9) Happily pumping with her Animas pump since 
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