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Re: [IP] Re: diligent diets (was glycemic index)

In a message dated 2/3/02 12:36:15 AM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< I honestly am struggling to see how a pump will help my son.  His HBA1Cs 
 been 6, 6.2, 5.9 and recently 5.8.  He eats anything he wants at meals (and 
 mean anything) on the condition that I weigh it, account for its glycemic 
 index and dose it. >>

My A1cs were in the 5th and 6th percentiles when I was on MDI. They are in 
the 5th and 6th percentile on the pump. I ate whatever and whenever I wanted 
on MDI. I do so on the pump. My overall control has not changed, nor have my 
eating habits.

However ... I *feel* better on the pump! Even my husband noted that my cheeks 
were rosier and I had more energy once I started pumping. The pump is, 
simply, more like "normal" pancreatic action. I can compensate very easily 
for my dawn phenomenon so that I don't start my day high and feeling rotten. 
I can hop on my bicycle and ride at a moment's notice. Pumping is so much 
more than eating when you want to.

Pump alarms rarely go off. Pumps rarely "glitch." You hear about those 
instances more because people don't comment when everything is going along 
perfectly. People in shul aren't going to care if the alarm does go off, just 
as they didn't care last Yom Kippur when I had to slip down off the bima to 
grab a couple of glucose tabs. People understand that it's for health 
reasons; that it's not frivolous.

Jan and Elvis
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