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[IP] Re: Insurance

> >Hi, > >I am curious for info on how some of the pumpers who have been on 
> their parents insurance made the transition to their own plan through 
> jobs after high school/college. >Janet

We are currently going through this with our daughter.  While she's not 
diabetic or a pumper, we feel she needs health insurance (you just never 
know).  She graduated from college in December and is no longer covered on 
our policy (she went off January 31).  We called our insurance, BC/BS of 
Michigan, and they have what they call "Young Adults Blue Plan", which is 
supposed to cover the prior dependent in the interim before they get a job 
with coverage.  The plan has different premiums which offer different 
coverages.  The BC gives us up to 60 days to enroll her without it being 
considered a "lapse of coverage".  You may want to check with your parents' 
insurance provider to see if they offer a plan like that.  I also called 
Fortis Insurance which has a plan that runs from 1-6 months as an interim 
insurance.  I don't know too much about that plan, since I haven't received 
their paperwork yet.  You can do a search on the net for Fortis and find 
their website to get more info on it, if you're interested.  The biggest 
problem with not having insurance for any interim time, is that your 
diabetes might not be covered on the new plan as a "preexisting illness" if 
you allow your current insurance to lapse completely.  Good luck.

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