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Re: [IP] Problems w/Lows

If you are more active than usual that could be a big part of your many lows. 
 Try a temporary basal (maybe lower your basal by .1) for a few hours and see 
if this helps with the lows.  If so, you may want to do a longer temp. basal 
(lower it further if it didn't do the trick).  Also, be sure you are eating 
enough, not just the glucose tabs and more frequently.  Maybe try some fruit 
juice and something with longer lasting carbs like a sandwich, crackers, 
peanut butter, etc.  I know when I have busy days I have unexplained lows.  
Also, try to check a little more often which may help you catch your 
bloodsugar on its way down instead of below 80.  Good luck I hope you are 
feeling better soon.

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