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[IP] Re: diligent diets (was glycemic index)

In a message dated 2/2/02 10:58:27 AM, email @ redacted writes:

<< I know
that the pump to the general population means that you can have donuts,
etc.  But I have found in only 2 months of pumping that that is not the
case.  If I want really good bg on a minimal amount of insulin, I have
to be fairly diligent about my diet.  Yes, I can have a little different
foods, but I am almost as rigid as I was on MDI. >>

Thanks for pointing this out. I'm sure this is a YMMV thing. I think the pump 
certainly offers a good deal more freedom than MDI that I haven't been able 
to fully enjoy yet since I'm still working out dosing (my marathon training 
has made things a little more difficult but we're getting there). However, I 
think the reality meter among pumpers is pretty low when it comes to 
encouraging MDI people to start pumping. I think people who are considering 
going on a pump need to hear more than just "you can eat what you want when 
you want and it's wonderful." This may not be the case. Of course with 
experience, trial and error, using scales and studying carb counting/glycemic 
index, pumpers can gain more and more freedom in exchange for the time and 
effort put into learning. Again, a YMMV thing depending on how much time and 
effort is put in and each individual body.
dxed IDDM 9/92, pumped 1/10/02
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