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Re: [IP] Re: sugar busters/glycemic index of foods

In a message dated 2/2/2002 8:44:30 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> By sharper rise in bg, I mean that my bg goes much higher much faster.
> On NPH my bg would rise but not as extremely as it does now.  It 

I am trying to understand why.  If the basal dose is correct and you are 
still bolusing the amount of H you used to inject, why would there be a rise.

Gabe is about to do a pump trial.  I am reluctantly going along.  His post 
prandials are rarely over 130 at 1 hour and thereafter.  Only if there is a 
pronounced dawn rise that I haven't handled before breakfast, then there is a 
sharp spike after breakfast.  Sometimes he actually drops before he rises 
(significantly drops; it is usually when the meal requires a dose above 7 
units; I am now splitting doses that are larger than 6.5 units).

Please tell me what your hypothesis is for the sharp rise.  I assume you have 
set the basals and you know that the rise is not due to a lack of basal at 
the time of the spike.

Thank you..just curious.

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