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RE: [IP] Re: sugar busters/glycemic index of foods

Along the lines of the sugar busters thread, I purchased Sugar Busters
for Kids today.  I have a child who(like me--as a child)is "chunky".  I
have worried about her more than the other 3 girls because she is a
carbon copy of me.  I read in the book today that children of Type I or
II patients are 30% more likely to have either type of D if they are
overweight as children.  For me, that is a startling thought.  I have
fought her weight for several years(she is 8) and we limit all types of
food in our pantry.  My difficulty is motivating her to exercise even
though I do 6-7 days a week.

Does anyone have any tips for motivating a child to get out and walk(I
go 3-4 miles a day and can tell the days I miss because my bg is not as
smooth.)or ride a bike other than paying her money?

Thanks in advance for your wisdom.

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