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Re: [IP] Re: sugar busters/glycemic index of foods

In a message dated 2/2/2002 10:24:33 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> I agree that a carb is not a carb is not a carb.  I can eat some things
> and have no problem, but others I know will run my sugars up.  I know
> that the pump to the general population means that you can have donuts,
> etc.  But I have found in only 2 months of pumping that that is not the
> case.  If I want really good bg on a minimal amount of insulin, I have
> to be fairly diligent about my diet.  Yes, I can have a little different
> foods, but I am almost as rigid as I was on MDI.  I have noticed a
> sharper increase on only Humalog than when I was on MDI.

I can't imagine how dosing would change with a pump; Gabe will start the pump 
soon, but I know he still needs to be diligent about his diet.  I still plan 
to use the glycemic index to dose his food.  I do not plan to give him 
"unlimited" snacks

What do you mean by a "sharper" rise with the pump than MDI?  I know that the 
pump is only Humalog (or regular or novolog) and with MDI, you have a 
background insulin working.  Is the sharper rise about the basals?  Please 

As for fats versus GI of carbs (another post), I still find that foods that 
are especially fat free like corn/apple/banana/oatmeal effect b.g. different 
because they are of different GI value.  We factor in protein (dose it at 60% 
for meat/fish/beans and 48 % for milk protein).  So protein is not an 
uncontrolled variable.  

It is hard for me to believe that 15 grams of carb in a cake/cookie will 
raise b.g. like 15 g of carb in an apple....but YMMV and this is IMHO.

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