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RE: [IP] needing different boluses

You can't figure out premenstrual changes?  Me either!  I have tweaked
mine to increase about .2/hr. on my basals around the clock from the
first sign of"PMS high bgs".  I keep up with my cycles and I will have a
clue what the problem is when I get unexplained high bg.  It is usually
very dramatic.  I will be fine and then the next day I am at 350 in the
morning.  This time increasing the basals helped some.  However, most of
the time there is no pattern to help you. There are just random high
bgs.It is most frustrating to have a good month ruined by high bg.  A
week a month of high bg could conceivably ruin your A1C.  Hope the hint
helps.  (I will be having a hysterectomy in May--endometriosis is the
complicating factor, but a real benefit for me will be the removal of
those horrible ovaries that do this to me each month.  Going to work
with a bg of 450 will make your day really bad in the short term and
ruin your A1C long term.)

Also, please note that while I had high bg on MDI,  it is much worse
with only Humalog.

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