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Re: [IP] needing different boluses

Jenny, 13, does a correction bolus of 1:50 during the day and 1:90 from
9 p.m. on. We still havent figured out what the premenstural requiremens


meg teg wrote:

 >Bg has been over 200 since yesterday. can't seem to
 >bring them down. new set, ect. this has happened 3
 >times now since fall. Last time my doctor said i'd be
 >coming down with something, not. I blamed it on late
 >period.(i'm early in my cycle this time).My question
 >is do people correction bolus differently for
 >different situations?  I found I bolus 1 unit to 100bg
 >at night but 1:50 during day. but the 1:50 doesn't
 >seem to be working in this situation. i'm always very
 >cautious since I hate those lows. I have know idea
 >when my body will snap out of this. it seemed to last
 >3-4 days last time. I woke up last night at 2:30 and
 >was 408. I took (a shot to be on the safe side) of 5
 >units (threw caution to the wind) and woke up at 332.
 >any suggestions??? peg
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