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[IP] Re: switching a child to Novolog

<<From: Kasey Sikes <email @ redacted>
>Is it easy to switch a child from Humalog to Novolog?  Did the meal ratios
>and basals stay the same?  Or did you start over from square one?  How are
>your 2 hour post prandial numbers once you made the switch?

We found that Kayla's basal rates dropped by 0.1 across the board (from 
.4 to .3 during the day and and .6 to .5 while sleeping).  Her meal 
bolus did not change.  Her 2 hr ppd are under 200 (much better than the 
300+ with Humalog).  And the Novolog is out of her system within 3 - 3 
1/2 hours instead of 5 with Humalog.  As always - YMMV, but WE LOVE 
At our house, we concur with the above sentiment.  Our 7 year old son
switched from Humalog/Regular mix to Novolog in October 2001.  Carb ratio
stayed the same.  The basals got tweaked a little - daytime stayed the
same, evening went up about 0.1u/hr & early morning went down about 0.1 u/hr.
Of course, Luke goes through a growth spurt about every 4-6 weeks anyway,
so his basals change relatively frequently & I would have been happy
to deal with that.   Post-prandials are generally better but we do
have to do the square-waves a bit longer for pizza, etc.   

Two big plusses for us:  1) no more mixing - Luke's sites last a predictable
3-4 days & generally get changed when we want, not dependent on that
Humalog increase over 3 days.  2) Novolog seems to absorb better in Luke -
he rarely develops ketones now, whereas on Humalog as soon as he hit
240 he had ketones too.  He's had a site pull out & hit 400 without getting
ketones, and we figure that since your body isn't supposed to have
ketones that this is better.  

Of course, YMMV.  We would recommend trying it if you are having problems
on Humalog.  If Humalog works well for your child, I wouldn't mess with

Shelly V., Austin, TX, mom to Luke, 7, dx'd 10/99, pumping 3/01

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