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[IP] Novolog being refused by insurance

I found out today that Kayla's insurance will no longer pay for Novolog. 
 VERY aggravating since, for the first time since she started pumping, 
her numbers have been perfect thanks to Novolog.  Has anyone else had a 
problem with having an insulin prescription denied?  And if so, was 
there any recourse?

I went round and round with the insurance (PeachCare for Kids - a state 
program one step up from Medicaid) on the phone today and had no success 
with getting it covered.  I explained that the only other analog insulin 
alternative was Humalog, and she was allergic to it.  They even called 
her endo who said he absolutely would NOT approve replacing the script 
with Humalog because of how bad her control was while on Humalog and how 
good her control is with Novolog.  I also told the insurance rep that 
Novolog was the only insulin analog approved for use in the pump and 
that it didn't seem right that they could deny it.  He said we didn't 
have to use an analog and I told him that in the pump you had 4 insulins 
to choose from (R,V,H,N) and only the V and N were FDA approved for 
pumps, both of which were made by the same company and so probably both 
would be denied.  He checked and sure enough, V is not covered either. 
 His solution was that we either paid for the Novolog out of pocket or 
switch to Humalog or go back to shots because we could treat the 
diabetes with shots - the pump wasn't the only way to treat it.  OH I 
GOT SO MAD!!!  And Novolog is $55 a bottle.

Sorry, I had to vent.  If anyone has had a similar experience and was 
able to resolve the dispute, please let me know.  You can e-mail me off 
list if you want.

mom to Kayla, 8yo, pumping 3+ years
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