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[IP] Re: Sugar busters for kids

<<I'm a little confused by the above statement. You say
the book addresses weight loss in kids via low-glyc.
index foods and then counter it with the issue of
lowering post-breakfast spikes via junky breakfast
cereals. This is the first I've heard about the book
and I'm just trying to understand if the book is about
weight loss or improving diabetes control in kids (or
Hi Catherine,
     I saw the book "Sugar Busters for Kids" the other day at the 
supermarket.  This store sells a small selection of recently published books 
at a considerable discount and thus the books are those aimed at a mass 
market.  The book is not aimed at DM kids though it would seem to have 
relevance for Type 2 kids.
     Now before I say anymore, I should repeat that I just looked through it 
for a few minutes, so I shouldn't comment too much on what it is about.  
Maybe someone else has actually read the kid's version?
     The part I read stated that eating high glycemic index foods was leading 
to kids gaining weight.  Authors say that these foods require lots of 
insulin, which leads to greater hunger and thus the kids then eat more food, 
resulting in weight gain.  They state that this is due to the amount of 
insulin needed for the high gylcemic index food choices, but they don't 
acknowledge that a food choice which they say is a "good" choice--low 
glycemic index food--may need the same amount of insulin to metabolize.  
     Now I know that everyone benefits by not eating too many "empty" 
calories, but I see this as just another easy fix solution.  Kids these days 
aren't getting as much exercise as kids 30 years ago, and that is why they 
are gaining weight if they consume the same number of calories as their 
parents did as children.    Both my boys are difficult to move from the 
Nintendo or computer, but they don't eat a lot and both are very skinny.  
Claire (DM) eats a lot, but likes to be more active, so it balances out.  
     What I would like to know is, what is the Glycemix index of Frosted 
Flakes?  Since she has been pumping, Claire has been allowed these for 
breakfast and is one happy little girl as a result.  
Best regards,
Barbara, Mum of Claire 7
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