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Re: [IP] Fat Intake and Blood Glucose Highs

In a message dated 2/1/02 2:42:01 PM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Sometimes my daughter will eat a bedtime snack of high fat tortilla chips 
 and cheese and will do a 'normal' bolus for the correct amount of carbs. Her 
 bg's two hours later are in target but then two to three hours after that, 
 her bg's are very high.  If you become more insulin resistant after 
 consuming a fatty food, wouldn't those bg's start to climb steadily from the 
 moment they were consumed as opposed to dropping to normal range and then 
 peaking suddenly? >>

My theory on this is that her BGs are normal for two hours because the bolus 
of fast-acting insulin is peaking. Then the insulin action begins to wane, 
but the carb absorption is still "happening." Fats slow down carb absorption. 
I believe that fats and protein can also delay gastric emptying. In any case, 
glucose is being released into the body over a longer period of time and that 
is not being matched by insulin action.

Jan and Elvis
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