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[IP] Fat Intake and Blood Glucose Highs

Just a question pertaining to intaking fat and high blood sugar levels 

Sometimes my daughter will eat a bedtime snack of high fat tortilla chips 
and cheese and will do a 'normal' bolus for the correct amount of carbs. Her 
bg's two hours later are in target but then two to three hours after that, 
her bg's are very high.  If you become more insulin resistant after 
consuming a fatty food, wouldn't those bg's start to climb steadily from the 
moment they were consumed as opposed to dropping to normal range and then 
peaking suddenly?

We have started doing a dual wave bolus in this situation to prevent the 
high bg's and it seems to be helping somewhat, although we're still 
experimenting with the correct amount of time to extend the bolus..i.e. two, 
three hours, etc. On a dual wave, do you give 60-70% of the carb count right 
away, and then the remaining 30-40% over the next two-three hours?

Also wondered, what constitutes 'high fat' classification to warrant doing a 
dual wave and not normal. Is there a percentage (approximate of course)of 
total food carb count that would encouage one to use the dual wave and not 
normal bolus type? I know everyone's different of course, but again, am just 
looking for feedback.


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