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[IP] Re: depression

In a message dated 2/1/2002 7:20:24 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Hello all...
 I have another question now that I have the 'red bumps' taken care of. I went
 to the doctors today....I have been sleeping a lot lately...more than 
 you could ever imagine. It wasn't diabetes related either. Well, by the time 
 went to the school health center, my blood sugar was over 500...and my site
 was infected, and I was falling apart. I have been depressed a lot lately, 
 I am curious to know if anyone has had depression that requires medication.
 The doctor put me on prozac. Has anyone taken this? I'd appreciate any input.
 I am new to this whole depression thing...I just feel hopeless though and 
 to know if anyone else has been through this. I am sorry for being so long
 winded.... >>

Hi Kathleen,

Never been on medication for depression, but I do have it off and on. Here's 
the biggest cause for me: out of control DM. Any period of high, or even 
moderately-high BGs, and I start sleeping, losing interest in life, not 
returning phone calls, not cooking and cleaning, not practicing violin (and 
that's my profession!), and...(ironically) not taking care of my diabetes as 
well as I should!  Which (big surprise) brings me back to the start of the 
cycle. What helps me snap out of this cycle? Forcing myself to concentrate on 
getting better diabetes control, being outdoors and active even if it's the 
last thing I want...then the BGs improve and I have enough energy and 
optimism to live right. Acupuncture once a month helps keep me on an even 
keel too, and yoga practice. Sounds like you're grasping the bull by the 
horns and getting some help for high blood sugars/infections...maybe the 
depression will lift when the BGs come down, before needing to start Prozac 
etc. Depression can be a physical symptom. Best of luck to you, you're not 
the only one!

Laura G.
38 yrs old, Type 1 DM 22 yrs, pump 3.5 yrs
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