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[IP] re:depression and diabetes

Yes, I think all of us have struggled with depression at one time or the 
other.  My personality is more a depressed one, so when I get down, I really 
get down.  I took prozac several years ago for a short time.  My wife also 
took it for a short time.  My only advice is don't stop taking it cold 
turkey.  If and when you want to get off of it, the doctor will need to help 
you reduce your intake.  I had no side affects from the prozac, but my wife 
had some problems when she tried to stop without decreasing slowly.  
Sometimes prozac doesn't work after you've taken it for a while.  Everyone is 
different.  I don't know of anyone who had any bad side affects from it.

If you need it, don't worry about it.  Some of us have some hormonal 
imbalances that need medication to help balance.  Some of us probably need 
some counseling, or at least a good friend to unload on now and then.  
Dealing with diabetes, especially in the pressures of college life, is not an 
easy thing.  You'll make it.  Do what's best for you and what works for you.

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