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Re: [IP] Re: sugar busters/glycemic index of foods

In a message dated 1/31/2002 11:33:50 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> The glycemic rating of foods doesn't always make sense. Some things that 
> seem 
> like they would be a high glycemic affect food are actually the opposite 
> and 
> vice versa. Corn, beets and carrots, for example, are all high glycemic 
> affect foods. It's just more information that can be used at everyone's 
> discretion.

 The glycemic index of corn is 68.  Moderately high.  Carrots are .49.  Not 
high, just moderately glycemic.  Beets are 64.  Moderately high, not high.

The glycemic index is relatively reliable and repeatable in studies that have 
been done.

We calculate  every carb portion by its glycemic index and then use that 
value (the grams of glucose) to dose insulin.

15 g carb from an apple would be 15 x .38 (its GI value in %) or 5.7 grams 
15g carb from corn would be 15 x .68  (its GI value in %)or 10.2 grams glucose

As you can see, 15 grams of carb from an apple would contribue almost half 
the glucose that 15 grams carb from corn would and therefore requires about 
half the insulin.  15 gram carb from candy, cookies, cake, would contribute 
even more grams glucose.

A carb is NOT a carb is NOT a carb.

Using this system, fairly accurate meal dosing for mixed meals becomes quite 
understandable.  The system was developed by Ron Sebol.

Not criticizing you; just asking you to be more rigorous about your 
statements about the glycemic index.

All the best

mom of Gabe
Type I, age 12
who weights all food consumed by the GI value
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