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Re: [IP] Pity

>I have often said that diabetics are the greatest 
>party animals on earth, they really enjoy a good pity
>party. Consider yourself blessed when you wake 
>up every morning. I will be attending a funeral this 
>morning of a friend who did not wake up on monday
>morn.. BW

ouch.  It hurts to lose a friend.

BTW, self-pity isn't always a bad thing.  Several years ago, I 
learned a way of wording my emotions in a way that was more 
respectful to myself.  I learned to realize that feeling *sorrow and 
fear and hopelessness* for my situation wasn't a bad thing.

Trying to stuff feelings and shove them away means that I ended up 
ignoring things that needed to be dealt with.  Once I allowed myself 
to really feel what I felt, then I could attack the problem and find 
real solutions (if they even exist), instead of staying trapped in non-

It sounds, from your tone, as though you might be feeling anger.  
That's a very common emotion when it comes to diabetes.  I have 
often felt anger about this disease.  At first, I blamed it (the 
disease) on myself.  Until I finally realized that there was no way I 
could have prevented it.  At least, not based on the knowledge the 
medical community has *right now*.  Hopefully, someday, they'll 
know how to truly prevent it.

Are you also angry at your friend?  for perhaps not taking better 
care of him/herself in the best way possible?  if so, that makes it 
even harder on you--knowing, but not able to do anything to change 
it.  And now this.

Like you right now, I have often felt sorrow about it.  For the loss of 
my "healthy status".  I hope my family never has to feel the sorrow 
you're feeling right now..  at least not before I reach a ripe old age, 

You have my deepest condolences.
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