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[IP] Regular vs Humalog

1  slow action of R:
- -	less lifestyle flexibility, defeating a primary purpose
	of the pump
- - 	less able to alter basal rate on the fly to allow
	impulsive activity or inactivity
2  using 2 delivery systems if Humalog is delivered by pen
    (possible option, but awkward and "sub-optimal")

I have tried my heart out to make pumping work.  Somehow I think it
may not.  My last option is to pump Regular (Velosulin) which really
seems retrograde.  Let's have your comments please!Mike in nz

You could try mixing velosulin with regular that often works Regular comes
in a pen too.BTW those impulsive moments are reallyhandled by th pump in a
way so far superior than MDI. spot. Velosulin isnt so terrible it's just a
bit sloer. stay tuned for aspartate insulin
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