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[IP] Pumping has started!!!!!

Hello everyone....

I have not been here much but have read every email like crazy and have
learned alot. My daughter Patricia got her pump a week ago and she was
pumping saline until today. Today she is now doing INSULIN and so far,
her sugars have been prefect. We know this may not last but she is
almost 11 and has been diabetic since age 2 and always was brittle with
no controls hardly ever.Her A1C's usually have run from 12.8 to 9.5 and
we are hoping to see better days ahead. We both practiced on the pumps
and found the d-tron so easy to use. She is using the comforts and finds
them very easy as well. I will check her tonight a few times and ten I
soon hope to be able to sleep all night again. LOL.  BUT FOR NOW, WE
REJOICE AND ARE SO THANKFUL. Our insurance company did not cover the
pump yet and we are still trying to see if they will do so.Regardless,
we are so excited and want to thank you all for having such a great
group here.

Good night from chilly Nova Scotia

Jana and Patricia with her Blue Cool pump.
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