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[IP] Glucometer Elite Accu-Check Meters

From: email @ redacted

In a message dated 02/28/2001 3:08:56 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> I've been perfectly happy with the Glucometer Elite and the Accuchek
> Complete. I was very UNhappy with the Dex because it was more like a

I didn't realize there were so many problems with the Dex meter........maybe 
I should check my readings for accuracy?  I sincerely like the Dex meter, I 
like the fact that there are no strips to insert, just two devices I need to 
carry with me (meter and lancing device), and the small size of the meter.  
But maybe I should be questioning the accuracy?

Kelly -- pumping 6 years, diabetic 27 years
- ----------------------------------------------------------
Kelly I have tested both of these meters with carefully prepared potein and
glucose solutions. both meters arre clinically accurate to within 6% of a
Folin-Wu glucose determination. Most so-caaled inaccurate meters are in
fact bad strips. The meters make thier readings during the count down. at
this time they generate a voltage proportional to the amount of glucose.
The voltge generated per unit of time equals the amt of glucose in your
blood both meters do a good job I like both of them although the menus on
the advantage are aoying. spot
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