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[IP] OUCH! when pulling out introducer needle (sofset)

A new development.....

Lately, anywhere on the right side of my bellybutton, below beltline, 
it's begun to hurt when pulling *out* the introducer needle (Micro 
QR Sofset).

And I mean HURTS like the DICKENS.

Seems to have nothing to do with whether the site is ache-free later 

There are about 15 days minimum between rotations, and if I can 
still see a dot from the previous time, I try to keep at least 1 inch 
away.  Before pumping (early November), I tried to do the same 
kind of careful rotation with the injections.  

Although, I do frequently let my sites remain for 5 days, as long as 
BGs are good.

Any insight?  Is this the beginning of scarring or lipohypertrophy? 
or just plain ol' unfathomable weirdness?
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