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Re: [IP] Pre-filled cartridges for H-tron

In a message dated 2/28/01 10:31:56 AM Eastern Standard Time, email @ redacted 

<< They are not approved *for use in the pump*.  They *are* approved for use 
 a pen.  That's why they include a pen with the pump, so that you can get the
 prefilled cartridges.
I didn't get a pen with Kathleen's H-tron last December.  I'd heard about the 
pre-filled cartridges on this list, and called Disetronic directly.  They 
have a program for the pre-filled cartridges via Midwest IV and Home Care -  
a pharmacy service.

The letter from Disetronic says "The cartridges are sealed, packaged, 
cold-packed, and ready for use in your H-TRON or Diahedi insulin pump."  

However they arranged it, I'm glad they did!

Jeanne, Mom of Kathleen, 7, dx'd 7/00 and pumping since 1/16/01,  Amanda 10, &
Wife of Bill, from sunny South Florida.
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