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[IP] What Length tubing do You Use

Gina, fast learner that I bet you are, you will only jerk it out of your bod 
once. After that you will always chart out a place to put the pump when you 
potty. I yanked one out and believe me one does learn. 
However, I do have a question: Why is it that if you accidently give the 
tubing a gentle tug, it is always at the site end and not at the pump end. 
Some sort of a law of physics or science that is beyond me. 
As to the length of the tubing, I recently participated in a trial of a new 
infusion set and all they supplied was a very long tube. I just figured that 
they provided it in case you became so disgruntled and decided to hang 
yourself, you would not have to take time out and hunt a rope. I use the 31 
incher and generally have more than enough with a couple of coils left over 
no matter where I wear the pump on a given day. Also, it takes more insulin 
to prime the tubing and that is not recovered when one changes cartridges 
and/or infusion sets. I only change tubing when I replace the cartridge, 
about every seventh day at all other times, I just change out the site every 
two or three days and continue using the old tubing. 
Careful and do not get caught with your britches down and then get entangled 
in your tubing. Like tobacco products, that could definitely be hazardous to 
your health.  BW
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