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[IP] Pity

Well put, Andria!  The comment had to have been made by a non-DMer.
Certainly one who is "out of our loop."  Anyone who finds it distasteful to
associate with this group should spend their time elsewhere.  BW does not
understand who we are at all!  Many of the people who frequent this
newsgroup are amateur "scientists"....very intelligent people.

There are many in this world who could learn by trading places with any one
of us for just a few days.  We are dealing with a complicated disease, which
requires having the intestinal fortitude, and intelligence to try new things
on our respective bodies.

Let the average person contemplate taking blood from their fingers 6-7 times
a day, or injecting themselves with needles over 1,200 times every year.  I
don't think it is a palatable thought for anyone, especially those who have
never done it.  The gyrations we go through to attempt to avoid
"complications" is a small price to pay in comparison to the latter.

WE in this group are not delving in self-pity, but merely venting to one
another, and sharing ideas which contribute to a higher quality of life.  I
am sure that most of us here, have at one time or another thought about how
lucky we are in comparison to many others who have afflictions and more
serious problems.  I am also sure that most of us here, think about this
much more than those who have never been challenged in life by having a
health issue to deal with.

If our cognizance of our mortality is evident to others, it is not a bad
thing.  Typically, it would come across in our show of empathy towards each
other and those who are suffering.

If we are misunderstood by some who think we are full of self-pity, it is a
shame.  They do not see the big picture as we do, and are missing out on
much in life.  WE share a great deal in this forum, and there is a lot of
love and support exchanged between members.

WE all have different needs, but one thing is for sure.  None of us are
critical of anyone who needs love and/or understanding, and/or
YES...."pity."  I feel so sorry for people who "cannot see the forest for
the trees."

Bud Hopper

I am terribly sorry about the death of your friend.
But I don't understand your statement that
"diabetics... really enjoy a good pity party."
I became a member of this list because it was a group
of people who started insulin pump therapy to obtain
better diabetes control. I would agree some diabetics
are wimpy winers, but not this group. They are
intelligent, optimistic, assertive, individuals
fighting the battle against diabetes. When they do
talk about their struggles, it is to find a solution
or come to peace with the situation. Expressing ones
thoughts and emotions is not wining. It is plain and
simple honesty, which usually allows people to move
forward with their life. Diabetes is a progressive
disease with ugly and devastating complications. That
should not be hidden from our family, friends or the

Andrea Seitz
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