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Re: [IP] Re: Extreme Pump Test # 7

wow, and I thought backpacking  50 miles in the High Sierra and climbing Mt.
Whitney was impressive.


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> Well Here is the results of my weekend. As a fitting test  and trial run
> the real thing I choose to volunteer to trail break for the Junior
> sled dog race. It is a round trip of 150 miles (75 each way). Saturday
> Temperature -20 degrees , heavy fog . clear skies.
> I have a poly-pro long john shirt with 2 pockets sewed on the breast .
> 1 for pump and 1 for accu-check advantage which is usually my back-up
> I like it because it is very small, the batteries that  I carry for spares
> are FLAT so I can tape them to my upper underarm. I use a small 2"x2 1/2 "
> zip lock to hold enough strips for the trip ++. and the finger sticker is
> also in the second pocket.
> all this is under my sweater and parka. I have a soft-set in my right
> thigh with 43 inch tube and it is pulled up through the neck and down to
> pocket. I do not like to cut a hole in  the expensive poly-pro as they
> to unravel after a lot of washing . I tried button holing but have found
> them to be stiff and rub a raw spot on me.
> The trip over the first day was great! I stopped at a lodge 54 miles out
> checked my bg  at 69 !! after a rest and a moose burger it was on to they
> Yentna river and the last 21 miles to the halfway point at the Yentna
> lodge where we all overnight. It was a great opportunity to met the young
> mushers and some of their families. One young lady from Ohio was entered
> her family had flown in by bush plane . As always everyone is very
> interested in the pump as well as the race doc who agreed shots should be
> thing of the past and only used as back-up !! The next day we woke up to
> take our post along the trail . My post was only 4 miles out where the
> leaves the river. It was 2:30 AM and 0 degrees, by the time I made my way
> down the river it was snowing to beat the band and 20 above o!!. After
> AM all the mushers had made it past my check-point and I headed for home
> Fast along the river and across the many miles of swamp I made it back in
> hours. I loaded up my snowmobile and got into my warm truck and checked me
> bg 297!!!!!!! what the heck happened!!!!!!!! Well I made it home and
> stripped down to check out the situation. Only a couple small bubbles
> invisible champagne style! OOPs it aint no couple small bubbles it is 1
> big monster!! It seems that 5 hours of hard riding shook the pump to no
> All I could see was each end of the big void. I pulled the quick release
> primed 5 units and cleared it completely.
> Today I made the same trip withthe pump upside down with the tubing coming
> out on the bottom. I had to cut a hole in the pockets we sewed on for the
> tube , But all bubbles stayed in the reservoir and out of the tube. One
> till the real thing after March 20 I will have the results of what a pump
> can handle on a 1300 mile trail !!
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